2023 International Lourdes Pilgrimage

We are seeking expressions of interest from those who might wish to join the pilgrimage in 2023.

We plan to take malades from Australia and look to members who know of any that they might be able to sponsor and accompany. Conf Dr Mick Campion heads our medical committee.

We envisage being teamed up with members from Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand, and also to assist our Irish and American colleagues.

Pilgrims will meet in Paris on Monday 1 May, make their way to Lourdes the following day and depart from Lourdes anytime on Tuesday 9 May.

 Please sign in and register your interest. Please also include any accompanying pilgrims in your party.

If you can identify any malades for the pilgrimage or have any enquiries about malades participating, please write to Confrere Dunstan de Souza at [email protected] .

1/05/2023 - 9/05/2023
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