Creating Leaders Scholarships – Timor-Leste

Creating Leaders is an Order of Malta scholarship program in Timor-Leste. The Scholarships support underprivileged children to participate in formal continuing education.

Creating Leaders aims to assist children in the program, develop to their full potential and prepare them for taking a fundamental role in the leadership of their country, so that they become positive agents of change and progress.

Like many developing countries, Timor-Leste has high levels of poverty and low national human development. Education is an important vehicle to employment, independence, social and political empowerment and consequently, national development. However, a cycle of poverty often creates barriers to the children’s participation in education.

The Creating Leaders scholarship provides not only the payment of school fees, but other assistance and support to help overcome these barriers.

Walking kilometres to school, barefoot and in 35 degree heat can impact the children’s performance and attendance. The scholarship provides the children with their uniforms (including shoes) and transportation to and from school to remove this barrier.

Children can be faced with a choice between finding work to pay for food or attending school. The scholarship covers the costs of school meals, where those costs are not met by the State.

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Currently there are 11 children in the Creating Leaders Scholarship program.

We have 9 children awaiting Creating Leaders Scholarships; however we do not currently have funding for these children.

Each child’s scholarship costs $70 a month

How Timorese Children experience disadvantage
24% – School absenteeism in children aged between 6 and 14 (2013)

54% – Children who have regularly started primary school (2011)

1167 – Children institutionalised in orphanages (2012)

33% – Children who started grade one and completed primary education (2010)

37.7% – Children under five who were underweight (2013)

4000+ children were looking for working opportunities (2010)

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