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COVID-19 care packs - Coats for the Homeless

 The homeless are more vulnerable than ever.

The Order of Malta has been committed to serving the sick and poor for over 900 years. In this time we have confronted diseases, natural disasters and wars. Today in all 120 countries we operate in, we fight Coronavirus

Here in Australia we are determined to provide assistance to some of the most marginalised in our communities - the homeless. With many homeless shelters and services closed due to Covid-19, the homeless need our assistance more than ever.

This winter, in addition to distributing 6,000 Coats for the Homeless across every State and territory in Australia we will also be providing hygiene items to homeless to help protect them from the Coronavirus.

A gift of $100 could buy three of our specially designed, warm, shower-proof coats.

A gift of $200 could buy three Coats for the Homeless and ten Covid-19 Hygiene packs.

Why a buy them a Coat?

We spent time at the Matthew Talbot Hostel in Sydney to understand the needs of the residents. As a result a three–quarter length coat, quilted and warm; shower proof; comfortable and portable, was designed with the following considerations:
BLACK– so to be inconspicuous in dark alleys and parks. The homeless report that their biggest fear is being assaulted.
SECRET INTERNAL POCKETS for their few valuables.
PORTABLE AND MOBILE. Our UNIQUE coat is both portable and mobile – in an emergency, the wearer simply stands up and walks (or runs) away. It is also easily worn by day in winter.

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