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 The homeless are more vulnerable than ever.

Like the rest of the world the Order of Malta Australia has adapted to operate under ‘COVID-normal’.

For the rough-sleepers we serve, further to the usual challenges the winter weather brings, they now have the additional obstacles that COVID-19 presents.

The Order of Malta is committed to continue assisting the homeless face the health challenges that both winter and COVID-19 present.

This winter, in addition to distributing 6,000 of our specially designed, warm, shower-proof Coats for the Homeless across Australia, our teams of volunteers will also assemble and distribute 4,000 COVID Hygiene packs, containing facemasks, anti-bacterial wipes, personal hygiene items and warm socks, to help protect rough sleepers.

We could easily distribute more, however lack of funding is currently limiting this project.

A gift of $100 could buy three of our specially designed, warm, shower-proof coats.

A gift of $200 could buy 40 COVID Hygiene packs to help protect the homeless.

Please support us and give what you can.

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Coats for the Homeless

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