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For the Order of Malta, the spirit of pilgrimage dates from its foundation in the 11th Century; in its hospital in Jerusalem ailing pilgrims were cared for, as well as all who needed help. Order pilgrimages always include accompanying the sick, a sharing of love and care. It is a mission which distinguishes every pilgrimage. 

The largest of all the Order of Malta pilgrimages is at the beginning of May each year.  Members and volunteers the Order of Malta from around the world make a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France led by the Grand Master, bringing thousands of sick and wheelchair pilgrims (malades).

In 2023, members of the Australian Association will be accompanying six malades from Australia to participate in the International Order of Malta pilgrimage to Lourdes. For those malades, who without financial support, would be unable to attend, we are seeking donations to subsidise their travel and accommodation expenses.

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